Diploma of Company Analysis and Portfolio Management

Accelerated. Advanced. Accredited. Online. Real World

Fact Sheet

1. Financial Markets Institute of Australia is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) #45709.

2. Our Diploma of Company Analysis and Portfolio Management (11099NAT) provides government accredited and nationally recognised training in company analysis, value analysis, economic analysis, and portfolio management.

3. Former students and trainees of Paul Nojin have achieved the roles of Vice President at Morgan Stanley, Associate Director at Macquarie Bank, Director at Mizuho, and Senior Trader at Macquarie Bank.

4. Leading investment banks such as Macquarie Group and Goldman Sachs no longer require a degree for trainee professional roles. They want practical, real-world skills instead (which is exactly what our diploma provides). Goldman Sachs currently (August 2023) has a position for a trainee asset manager. There is no mention of a degree being required. Macquarie Bank recently hired a teenager without a degree (covered in the AFR, November 2022). Bloomberg ran an article on September 14 “Degree requirements fade”. What the leading employers want are practical skills. They want people who can do something.

5. Government accreditation requires widespread and senior industry support, to confirm that the diploma is (a) high quality, (b) that there is an unmet industry need for the training, and (c) that it is the training leading employers require trainees to have had. Those who supported and contributed to the creation of our diploma hold or have held senior positions at the world’s leading investment banks including Macquarie Bank, Morgan Stanley, Mizuho, HSBC, Citibank, Bankers Trust, and Société Générale.

6. Our diploma is faster, cheaper, and better than a degree. It is a much lower cost, and in every respect, a much better career starter than a degree.

7. Finishing sooner means our graduates have a big head start on those who do a degree, which means you will start earning that much sooner.

8. Above all else, our diploma is better than a degree. Our Diploma of Company Analysis and Portfolio Management is up to date, real-world, practical, and immersive. If you wish to be an investment analyst or manager, our diploma is the perfect start.

9. Our diploma is similar to a mentoring program. You will be in contact with Paul Nojin throughout your diploma as he guides and monitors your progress.

10. The total cost of the diploma is $26,000. The diploma is comprised of 4 units, and each unit is $6,500. You pay for each unit when you are ready to begin that unit. 

11. The diploma is delivered 100% online, which means you can base yourself wherever it is most comfortable for you. 

12. Students receive assistance perfecting both their curriculum vitae, and their letter of introduction requesting an interview. Students will also be guided on how and where they might apply for their desired jobs. We will recommend students to employers, and employers to students.

13. Paul Nojin is in contact with every student throughout their diploma, so numbers are limited.

14. No background knowledge is assumed or required, but a strong interest in the subject matter is essential. The next intake starts June 4.

Financial Markets Institute of Australia
Level 26, 1 Bligh Street, Sydney 2000
Registered Training Organisation (RTO) #45709