Diploma of Company Analysis and Portfolio Management

Advanced. Accredited. Online. Real World.

How is your diploma delivered?

Our diploma is delivered entirely online. You work through the material at your own pace, when it suits you. When you require assistance our trainers are there to help. Furthermore, Paul Nojin, the course co-ordinator and chief course creator, will track your progress and provide guidance throughout as you analyse companies, analyse value, analyse the economic backdrop, and build portfolios.

How long does it take to complete?

Between 4 and 12 months. The minimum time is 4 months, the maximum time allowable is 12 months.

Why should I choose your diploma?

On completion of our diploma, you will have the knowledge and skills to become the successful investor you wish to be. It is a life changing experience that reaps lifetime benefits.

Is it tax deductible?

Yes, it can be a deductible item, but whether you qualify or not is a question you must ask your tax adviser.

I would like to work in the financial markets. Is your diploma suitable?

Yes, our government accredited Diploma of Company Analysis and Portfolio Management is a material edge if your goal is to work at a prestigious investment bank as an analyst or investment manager. It is no longer a hard and fast rule that recruits require a degree. Macquarie Bank and Goldman Sachs are just two of many that will interview candidates who do not have a degree. For an entry level role, you need real world experience and skill, that’s what matters, and that is exactly what our Diploma of Company Analysis and Portfolio Management provides.

How does your diploma compare to a degree?

Our Diploma of Company Analysis and Portfolio Management is faster, cheaper, and better than a degree in every way that matters. Our diploma is advanced, real world, up to date, practical, and immersive. You will graduate a highly knowledgeable investor.

What does government accreditation mean?

Government accreditation requires senior industry support and endorsement to confirm (a) it is high quality, (b) meets an unmet need, and (c) is aligned with what investment banks and other financial sector employers want their new trainees to have experienced. Those who supported the accreditation and contributed to the creation of our diploma hold or have held senior positions at the world’s leading investment banks including Macquarie Bank, Morgan Stanley, Mizuho, HSBC, Citibank, Bankers Trust, and more.

What subjects are covered?

The subjects covered include company analysis, value analysis, quantitative analysis, economic analysis, and portfolio management. If you wish to impress prestigious employers like Macquarie Bank, Morgan Stanley, and Goldman Sachs, this is the skill set you need to master.

What if I drop out?

If you wish to discontinue at any stage, no further payments are required.

Who is suitable?

Our diploma is ideal for anyone who desires to be a knowledgeable and successful analyst and investment manager.

What are the requirements?

No background knowledge is required or assumed, but a strong interest in investing and financial markets is essential

Is being able to use Excel important?

It depends. In regards to attaining the diploma and becoming a successful investor, the answer is no, using a spreadsheet is not important. You can achieve both without a spreadsheet. On the other hand, if you wish to work at an investment bank, the answer is yes, because your spreadsheet will be your main selling point. The more impressive your spreadsheet is, the more likely it is you will be offered a desirable position.

What will my prospects be after completing this diploma?

Past mentees of Paul Nojin have achieved the following positions.

Vice President at Morgan Stanley
Director at Mizuho
Associate Director at Macquarie Bank
Senior Trader at Macquarie Bank

Do you provide job search assistance?

We assist every student to perfect their letter of application for employment and also their curriculum vitae. We also provide guidance on potential employers, and assist wherever possible.

I live in India. Is the diploma open to me?

Yes. Everyone is welcome. You can be based anywhere in the world.

I would like to enrol. What are the details?

To secure your place, the next step is to enrol. Remember, numbers are limited, because Paul Nojin will be communicating directly with every student.

The total cost is $26,000, comprised of four (4) instalment payments of $6500.

Each instalment payment is due before you begin each of the four units.

Financial Markets Institute of Australia
Level 26, 1 Bligh Street, Sydney 2000
Registered Training Organisation (RTO) #45709