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Diploma of Company Analysis and Portfolio Management

Our government accredited and nationally recognised Diploma of Company Analysis and Portfolio Management – NAT110099 – is delivered online and is for anyone wishing to begin or advance their career in the financial markets or investment management.

Classes start February 1, 2024

Subjects covered in the diploma include company analysis, value analysis, quality analysis, quantitative analysis, economic analysis and portfolio management.

Diploma vs Degree

Is it your goal to work at a prestigious investment bank like Macquarie Bank or Goldman Sachs? If the answer is yes, there is something very important you need to know – a degree is no longer required!

In this light, why spend 3 years at university when you can hit the ground running in 6 months? Why delay earning an income for 3 years when you could be doing so in 6 months? Why spend up to 4 times the cost or more for a degree that will prove inferior in every respect to our diploma?

Why study with FMI?

Exclusive Qualification – Our government accredited diploma is one of a kind. There is no other equivalent training available in Australia.

Top Tier TrainingOur diploma was created by experienced market professionals, most of whom hold or have held senior positions at the world’s leading investment banks including Macquarie Bank, Morgan Stanley and HSBC.

Online Support – Students have online access to all resources, in an environment supportive of all students.


Australian Financial Review (AFR) article – October 1, 2023
“For $27k you too can become an analyst with Macquarie.”

6PR radio interview – October 3, 2023
Our interview starts at the 26 minutes, 35 seconds mark.

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